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Are you a licensed real estate agent?

No. We are Real-estate investors who purchase, own, manage, rent, and/or sell real estate for profit. Making repairs and improving the property is typically involved part of the real estate investor.

Do you pay retail prices for homes?

Factors that affect how much an investor will pay for your house include its location, its age, and the potential for income and/or profit. Just because you see homes in your neighborhood selling for half a million or a million (based on where you live), that doesn’t mean your home’s retail market value is comparable. Your fair market value will be based on its current as-is condition. So yes, investors do pay near fair market value when you consider its as-is condition.

Can you really help if I am in foreclosure?

Yes we can really purchase your home in foreclosure. Time is not on our side, and what I tell owners is this, we must move fast and precise because banks are working around the clock at this point to default the home. We can step in and stop the foreclosure, let’s face it the bank only wants one thing at this time (Money) There are several ways investors can purchase a home in this situation and we will work to find out what solution works for you.

What makes you you different from other real estate investment companies?

What makes us different than most investor companies is we don’t strive to just get the home under contract. We will first listen to the situation surrounding the issue, then evaluate the home, finally, we will make a sound offer to you once accepted we will not try to change the price. Many investors want every contract they can get, only to come back to the seller and say they need to renegotiate the price of the home. We will know our offer prior to signing the contract.

How fast can you buy houses?

I have purchased homes and closed in as little as 5-7 days and as long as 30 days. There are factors that determine this.  There are unforeseen Liens that a seller did not disclose which come up during the title search. There is a mortgage to pay off prior to closing because most mortgage companies are slow at issuing payoffs at times slowing the process.

Can you buy my home if it has a lot of repairs that are needed?

 Yes, we can buy, even with major repairs.  Most investors are handymen and know how to fix issues themselves it’s not an issue for them to see, nor does it scare them away.

Will I have to pay any fees out of my proceeds at closing?

 On the traditional sale of a home, the Seller, on average, receives only 87% of the asking price (after paying all costs – including Realtor fees). We can cut your expenses in half, or more because we do not charge a commission and there are no closing costs.

Do you buy storm-damaged homes?

Yes, we buy storm-damaged homes. We know that Mother Nature can be destructive at times, causing major damage to a home. Sometimes the damage can be so overwhelming, causing a lot of stress. We will buy homes that have a hurricane, tornado, damage, etc, allowing you the homeowner a new start.

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